Introducing Mary Baxter, who wanted Pierre Monteau and High Art, but got Peter Archer and the Sunday Telegraph Crossword Compendium

By Matthew Warburton

Developed with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre's Write Away Programme

When Mary first met Peter, it was clear he was a no-hoper. Somehow, 35 years later, she's sitting by his hospital bed and wondering what kept them together. There's his appalling dress-sense, his addiction to Crosswords and Irish history, his propensity for giving her cricket bats. Surely there must have been some good stuff too?

A new play that examines the uses of head torches and emergency kit kats, days in the art gallery and prison visits, and throws in a few crossword clues for good measure. A comedy about a life sentence.

Performance times

Saturday 15th November, 7:30pm
Churchill Village Hall
Ticket price: £12.50
Box office: 01608 658 092

poster for play: see description on this page

Crosswords poster and images designed by Malcolm Holwill

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